If you’re a business owner, office manager or employer, how are you making sure that your staff are looked after? And that your workplace environment is the best it can be. You may have heard how some companies have reinvented the traditional ‘office’ to benefit their workers – hammocks, slides, indoor trees… and that’s just Google for starters!

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you should go to extreme lengths to keep your staff happy! But how about the small perks that can make a huge impact – like investing in a top quality coffee machine (and beans to match)? We think it’ll go down a treat and it won’t be just your employees who are getting a good thing – your business can benefit too.

Office coffee – the benefits:

1. Not a moment to lose

Time is money as they say. If there’s work that needs doing, you won’t want employees going back and forth to the coffee shop. By providing your own premium coffee, cut out the caffeine middle man and you’ll find your staff will spend more time at their desk.

2. Look after your team

Look after your staff and they’ll look after your company. A ComRes survey revealed in 2014 that 70% of office workers felt valued by their employer to at least some extent by the provision of premium coffee – not least, probably, because won’t cost them a penny.

3. Get more work done

It won’t surprise you to hear that coffee stimulates the brain. That makes it a handy tool for perking up your people – particularly when those eyes start to drop. If you’ve got a supply of top quality coffee on hand to supercharge your staff when it’s needed.

4. Wow your customers

Invest in good coffee and you’re not just investing in your staff – you’re investing in your company’s image. Why? Well, when your important clients and customers come to visit, a top quality cup will make a stunning first impression and may just help seal the deal!

With Strive Coffee & Co, providing high-quality office coffee doesn’t have to be a hassle and nor will it cost your company the earth. We don’t ask for any capital investment. we can talk you through your options and provide you with solutions that’ll make a lasting impact.
It might be a small perk, but office coffee makes a big difference.