If media reports are to be believed, some of the UK’s best known coffee shop chains are in a bit of hot water right now. That’s because fewer than one in 400 take-out paper coffee cups supplied in the name of convenience are ever recycled – and when seven million are used across the nation each day, that’s a lot of cups that aren’t being put to good use after, well, being put to good use.

According to The Times, this has led to claims that the chains have been stretching the truth when it comes to the green credentials of takeaway coffee cups. Mind you, the issue here isn’t that cups can’t be recycled – it’s that they have to go through a special process first because of how they are made. If they’re put in a normal recycling bin, they end up being sent to landfill as regular waste.

The Journal.ie reported, “single-use plastics, such as coffee cups, are to be banned in the EU by 2030, in a bid to fight pollution.” Ireland is the top producer of plastic waste in the European Union, according to the latest Eurostat figures.

Coffee Cups: The Solution?

The UK government has given its verdict on the matter, saying that it has no plans to bring in a tax – similar to the recently introduced levy on plastic bags – on coffee cups. The government is going to meet with industry representatives to find a way forward on the issue, but it looks like it’s down to individual businesses for the time being. And it’s the perfect chance for yours to blaze a trail.

One large chain has now announced that it’ll knock 50p off the cost of a cuppa if customers have a cup of their own to serve it in. Of course, it’s much easier for bigger businesses to absorb this type of cost, but can yours? Some difficult sums would have to be made, especially if you’re new to the sector – but there might be some small, yet practical steps you can take to doing your green bit.

If not a 50p discount, how about the unit cost of a solitary paper coffee cup? Or perhaps you could introduce a unique loyalty scheme – for every four full-priced cups a customer purchases from you using their own mug, they get a fifth free. It could incentivise return visits, generate mutual loyalty and keep more of those contentious cups out of the bin. And that can only be a good thing.

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