It’s not all that long ago that we took a look at why top quality office coffee could be such an amazing asset to your business. One reason is the positive effect it can have on your staff – so that’s why we’re going to explore the vital role of the coffee break and why you should be making it the best it can be.

From the physical to the psychological, the benefits of providing your staff with a proper coffee break could be the difference between ‘success’ and ‘SUCCESS’. Far from it being time wasted by your team doing nothing but sipping a cup of joe, here are some awesome benefits that you didn’t know about…

Coffee Break: The Benefits To Your Workplace…


First and foremost, caffeine is – as we all know – a stimulant. But did you know how it works? In your central nervous system is a chemical called adenosine. It builds up in your brain during the day and it makes you feel sleepy. But the caffeine in your coffee is quite good at making adenosine receptors in your brain think it’s the real deal. That means adenosine can’t build up and you don’t feel as sleepy!

coffee breakProductive and Creative

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that workers who take a coffee break together are more productive. And if you look at this infographic compiled by the team at, you can see just how important workers in the US value their coffee at work. It’s an exchange of ideas, a chance to vent frustrations and a forum for socialising that makes the break.

Physical Wellbeing…

A hard day’s work can take its toll on the body – that’s going to be bad for business in the long term. A coffee break is the ideal solution. If you work at a desk, it eases pain in the neck, shoulders, wrists and forearms. And what about if you don’t work at a desk? Well, there’s nothing wrong with a little respite. Oh, and don’t forget coffee’s health benefits either – there are plenty of those!

… Mental Wellbeing

The psychological benefits of a coffee break are just as important. If you’re not being helped to learn new things faster, you’re giving your brain a much-needed rest. A cuppa can also relieve the stresses of the working day too. Not only that, but a fantastic coffee supply in your workplace makes workers feel more valued. If your business cares about its staff, its staff will care about your business.

 Make Or Break?
Now you’ve read about some of the benefits of a coffee break to your business, let’s make it happen. It doesn’t take much time or effort to get a top quality coffee solution for your place of work.
We’ve worked with offices, studios and other businesses throughout the UK and Ireland to meet their caffeine needs – so now it’s your turn. Don’t delay – get in touch today!