Beans taste is paramount when it comes to coffee, wouldn’t you agree? One reason for the booming UK and Irish market is the surging demand for better quality coffee. And there’s no business aiming to tap into this rich business vein. But what if your next cup of Joe tastes a bit funny? Well, recent reports suggest it could be all down to the age of the coffee beans being used.

So, why are these older coffee beans only coming to the market now? According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s all a matter of cost. As the global coffee market dropped in 2013, warehouses filled up with Arabica beans picked as long ago as 2007. The older the beans, the cheaper they become. It’s good news for buyers who usually go for lower-quality beans. But what about consumers?

Full Of Beans Or ‘Has Beans’?

If you’re a coffee aficionado, don’t panic. Jorge Cuevas, chief coffee officer at importer Sustainable Harvest, told the WSJ that older coffee beans won’t be heading to high street chains and speciality coffee shops: Cuevas said: “You’re not going to see this in your Starbucks. It’s mostly going to be in generic brands that you might get at an institutional level.”

It means these old Arabica beans are likely to be snapped up by companies who cater for bulk-buy requirements. This includes hotels, vending machines,  and more. And the WSJ reported the older beans could also be combined with newer beans to cover up any taste issues. For businesses serious about serving high quality coffee, however, is it really worth the compromise?

The best cup is the one that works with you.

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