The brew that works
with you

The Strive Story

Strive Coffee & Co was created out of a desire to deliver the best cup of coffee in the workplace. We feel that better coffee makes you work better, so we want to give you our best, because you and your team deserve the best.

At Strive Coffee & Co, we go the extra mile to source the very best coffee and machines on the world market. It is this constant strive to be the best, that allows us to garner trust which is important in sustaining valuable working relationships

Strive Coffee

We believe in making a world-class coffee and tea experience that’s available and affordable to every work place because we know your best cup is the one that works with you.

All our beans are sourced ethically. We create great working partnerships with local roasters. Mild, explosive, smooth or rich we’ve got the perfect blends to help you through your work day.

Technology Strivers

At Strive Coffee & Co. we supply our clients with the very best Coffee machines available on the world market. Our Swiss made, fully automatic bean to cup coffee machines are the perfect fit for todays busy modern office. Every cup served is backed by cutting edge coffee technology to ensure consistency and quality every time. Our Machines are connected to the Strive coffee control centre via state of the art machine Telemetry, which gives us all the information we require to deliver the perfect cup.

With Strive Coffee & Co. you’ll never run short. We deliver our beans when required, which means you will get the freshest beans with the best taste. We also have a team of Strive technicians offering on site technical assistance thus minimising any potential machine downtime — we always Strive to be the best!

Strive Coffee Partners

At Strive Coffee & Co. we only deal with the best. We choose our clients and technology partners carefully and together we strive to be the best.

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